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Non-Resistance Selling Course$169

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  • 1xNon-Resistance Selling Course$169

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What you will learn in your
"Non Resistance Selling" Course:
• How to quickly build and main rapport with your prospective client
• How to ask your prospective client the right questions at the right time
• Be aware of your body language and the body language of others
• Pay attention to your intonation and that of others
• Focus on verbiage and grammar use
• Pacing and mirroring
• Handling objections
• Be aware of your emotional state and how to keep hold of that state
• Properly understanding and channeling the ethical art of persuasion
• The art of salesmanship through the lens of NLP and Conversational Hypnosis to include:
   1. Gaining your prospective client’s attention
   2. Arousing your prospective client's interest
   3. Convincing your prospective client that it is intelligent for him to buy your products or services
   4. Arousing your prospective client's desire to buy
   5. Closing the sale
• NLP and Conversational Hypnosis Language Patterns • And much more...(55 lessons in all)

Module 0 - Onboarding

Module 1 – NLP & Hypnosis Foundations
Module 2 – Human Communication
Module 3 – Ethical Persuasion
Module 4 – NLP & Hypnotic Language Patterns
Module 5 – NLP & Hypnotic Patterns & Techniques
Module 6 – Retention of Clients